Crib Mattress Pads

Product Description

Woolly Boo® Crib Mattress Pads are exactly what your child needs for a more comfortable and relaxing bedtime experience! The hypoallergenic and temperature-regulating properties of wool quite simply guarantee an improved sleep environment for your little one. Woolly Boo® Crib Mattress Pads should be placed over your existing mattress, then covered and secured with a fitted sheet, preferably made of an organic fabric such as cotton. The Crib Mattress Pad measures 53″ by 31,″ and like all Woolly Boo® products, is made from our proprietary organic wool batting and cotton. We use a dense, damask weave cotton fabric that is wonderfully luxurious in addition to being extremely durable and easy to maintain.


The best way to maintain your Woolly Boo® Crib Mattress Pad is by exposure to fresh air. Spot clean. We do not recommend washing wool unless it is absolutely necessary, as traditional detergents strip away many of the natural benefits of wool. In extreme cases, soak the product in cold water with a capful of white vinegar or use a cleaning solution that is specifically designed for wool. You can also wash it in a machine that has a specialized “wool” or “delicate” cycle. Air dry flat.

Product Reviews

“This mattress pad was so worth the investment - since the first night our 11 month-old slept on it, she stopped sweating at night. It has been almost a week, and our baby sleeps much more peacefully, she is not sweating at night, and I feel really good about her sleeping on such healthy bedding.”

Imke Oster, Montclair, NJ

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