*hoolaboola’s Pick

One of the highlights of the weekend was attending the Playtime New York trade show! Definitely a delight! The most unique, most stylish, up-and-coming designers all showcase their new collections here….aaahhhhhh…

One of Hoolaboola’s favorites that we have been watching closely was also there. Woolly Boo is one of the few – if not only – sophisticated crib-size basic bedding brands that is  made of natural materials.

They offer crib mattress pads, crib bumper pads, toddler pillows, toddler comforters, and infant sleep sacks from 100% organic wool filler and 100% natural cotton ticking.

Wool is important, as I too have learned, because it helps regulate your child’s temperature, resulting in a comfortable nights’ sleep. It also whisks away moisture, keeping allergens and bacteria away. All good things right!?

Selma and her mother, Vahida, created the line when Selma was pregnant with her first child and couldn’t find basic, natural bedding for her baby’s crib. She (luckily for us) decided to take things into her own hands and viola!

We love it that she has created something so precious, so basic yet so needed!