Sleep On It: Best Nap Mats


Last you checked, the Chinese symbols for “born yesterday” were not tattooed on your forehead. So why is every BTS shopping article reminding you about backpacks when they could be telling you about something you might actually forget—like nap mats?
Here are our top three picks for optimizing your tot’s in-school nap experience:
  1. Woolly Boo: These cozy pillow-mat-comforter combos are made entirely out of natural fibers (cotton on the outside and organic wool on the inside) and provide an ultra-plush nap time.
  2. OC Daisy: The personalizable nap mats are made out of soft Minky fabric and fold up into an attached carrying bag that includes a pillow.
  3. Tot Cot: Quilted for comfort and made out of recycled materials, these quick and easy roll-up nap mats unfold into a soft mat complete with blanket and pillow.
Happy napping!