Toddler Pillows

Product Description

Woolly Boo® Toddler Pillows will not only add a decorative accent to your toddler’s space, they will also provide him or her with a more restful and sound snooze. The hypoallergenic and temperature-regulating properties of wool quite simply guarantee an improved sleep environment for your little one! Made of 100% organic wool filler, our pillows are finished with the beautiful 100% organic cotton/hemp shell. The pillows are intended to be used every day.

The Woolly Boo® Toddler Pillow is made from the fluffiest and cleanest wool available during the shearing process. We use slightly less than two pounds of wool inside each pillow, but can certainly amend this should you desire more or less wool in your final product. The large pillow measures 18”x25”, and the small one is 12″x16″.

Please note that due to the handmade nature of our products, it is possible that sizes may vary slightly. Custom sizes are also available.


The best way to maintain your Woolly Boo® Toddler Pillow is by exposure to fresh air. We do not recommend washing the wool insert, as this can lead to fiber migration and bunching. The pillow should always be used with a pillowcase.

Product Reviews

“I have to say your toddler pillow has been a blessing! My daughter tried her pillow for the first time during her afternoon nap and she slept so long that we had to go wake her up. In a sleepy daze, she turned to me and said "I love my pillow." Thank you!”

Nicole Abbott, New York, NY

“We have the toddler pillow for my daughter (actually just ordered another one last night to have on hand for friends whose kiddos come over and end up napping)....we love the piece of mind we get when she is sleeping knowing her little head is resting on a pillow that is safe and good for her health. We became huge fans of Woolly Boo the minute our daughter's pillow arrived. Thanks for making such a wonderful product.”

Jessica Hall, Bayside, NY

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