The Green Scene: Sweet Slumber

Rest Assured. Already have a nonorganic mattress? Consider adding a budget-friendly pad for many of the same health and eco-benefits of its full-sized counterpart. Woolly Boo Crib Mattress Pad: The hypoallergenic and temperature control properties of wool help keep baby cozy at night.

Woolly Boo’s All-in-One Toddler Nap Mat: Perfect for School, Travel and More

Does your child need to bring a sleep mat to school or day care? Woolly Boo, an amazing children’s bedding line made from all natural fibers, has the answer in their All-In-One Toddler Nap Mat ($199). The clever all-in-one design has all the nap time necessities – pillow, mat and comforter. And, everything is made from 100% Cotton and organic wool.

The nap mat has multiple uses beyond just nap time – it’s perfect for sleepovers and trips as well, weighing just three pounds and fitting compactly into its own travel bag.

The toddler nap mat is designed for kids ages two and up, and sized at 21″ wide and 45″ long (with the cover extending 34″) it can easily accommodate larger and older kids as well.

Toddler Sleep Mat

Woolly Boo is the creation of New Jersey mom Selma Avdicevic and her mother, Vahida Subasic, who were unable to find the eco-friendly and sophisticated kid-friendly bedding they desired. (Pictured above: Selma Avdicevic and Woolly Boo at the New York International Gift Fair).

In addition to the toddler sleep mats, Woolly Boo carries a wide range of other kids sleep products, including toddler pillows ($45), infant sleep sacks ($145) and crib bedding sets ($449-499).

To learn more, like Woolly Boo on Facebook /WoollyBoo and follow them on Twitter @WoollyBoo.

Anna Sandler is a freelance writer, blogger and social media marketer living in New Jersey with her husband and three kids.

Momtrends was not compensated for this post.
We spotted the Woolly Boo line at the New York International Gift Fair earlier this year.

Sleep On It: Best Nap Mats


Last you checked, the Chinese symbols for “born yesterday” were not tattooed on your forehead. So why is every BTS shopping article reminding you about backpacks when they could be telling you about something you might actually forget—like nap mats?
Here are our top three picks for optimizing your tot’s in-school nap experience:
  1. Woolly Boo: These cozy pillow-mat-comforter combos are made entirely out of natural fibers (cotton on the outside and organic wool on the inside) and provide an ultra-plush nap time.
  2. OC Daisy: The personalizable nap mats are made out of soft Minky fabric and fold up into an attached carrying bag that includes a pillow.
  3. Tot Cot: Quilted for comfort and made out of recycled materials, these quick and easy roll-up nap mats unfold into a soft mat complete with blanket and pillow.
Happy napping!

Greater Goods: On Our Wish List

6. SNOOZE CONTROL. This Toddler Pillow, filled with all-natural antimicrobal wool, makes nap time a breeze. Eco-friendly. $55,

The Benjamin Caters to Families with Kid-Friendly Experience Package

The Benjamin, a boutique NYC hotel located in the heart of midtown, has once again out done themselves in their effort to make traveling families feel welcomed and at home with them. Their newest kid-friendly experience, Lions & Tigers & Cereal (oh my!) was designed to have kids roaring with laughter and parents relieved that everything is taken care of. From a daylong outing to the zoo, to a cereal buffet delivered to the room the night before, it’s all covered. The one-night adventure, available through September 30, is priced seasonally starting from $374 this summer and includes:

  • Four zoo tickets for the entire brood to enjoy a day of animal escapades at the Central Park Zoo.
  • A cereal smorgasbord with an assortment to choose from, fruit and milk delivered the night before. Let’s face it, kids who wake up hungry as a bear just can’t wait for breakfast; all rooms at The Benjamin feature a kitchenette (with refrigerator and microwave), so it will be stocked and ready to go.
  • Breakfast in-room for Mom & Dad, who tend to be more patient and can wait for room service (which, by the way, is from The National, Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian’s restaurant, located in the hotel).
  • Winks’ Kidzzz Club Frisbee for fun times in the park and a souvenir to take back home.
  • Travel-size sunscreen for the alfresco adventure.
  • Winks’ Kidzzz Club, created to educate little guests on the importance of sleep, makes children feel right at home with the following for use during their stay: kid-sized bathrobes, a lending library of family favorite bedtime books, an organic wool-filled Toddler Pillow by Woolly Boo. Winkzzz himself (well, a stuffed animal version) is included for kids to take home (one per room, others available for purchase). Upon check out, a Sleep Certificate is awarded to children.

The Benjamin’s Sleep Concierge, the first and only in the industry (and something which I think is just absolute genius), is there to make sure guests big and small get a good night’s sleep.  Kids and parents can order up any number of pillows from the hotel’s 12-choice pillow menu (if a pillow fight emerges, don’t blame the Sleep Concierge!).  The five-foot body cushion, while larger than most kids, tends to be a favorite amongst the smaller set.

Ready for Dreamland

Parents want to make sure baby is comfortable and can sleep safely. Swaddles, sleep sacks and nap sacks address these concerns. Recent introductions present a variety of options you can offer customers to ensure that everyone get a good night’s sleep.


Coming soon: a nap mat you’ll wish was adult sized

Wouldn’t you want to take a nap in Woolly Boo’s new Nap Mat? Made of soft organic wool and cotton, it’s hypo-allergenic, flame retardant, moisture wicking and chemical-free. You’ll wish it came in your size! The Nap Mat debuts in August, just in time for the next school year.

napmat2 Coming soon: a nap mat youll wish was adult sized

What we liked:

In my daughter’s classroom, we have to provide a sheet and blankets and they sleep on a mat that’s been used by many different kids (um… yuck!). This Nap Mat is such a better idea — all parts of the Nap Mat (the pillow, mat, and comforter) are made as removable inserts, which contain 100 percent organic wool.  Bundle it back into the bag and you can take it home on the weekends to wash. It will work for daycare, pre-school, daycare, sleepover, or travel.  The Nap Mat is 21” wide and 45” long, with the cover extending 34”. When rolled up and packed into its bag, the Nap Mat is 21” wide and 8” tall, and it weighs 3 pounds.

What to Watch For: The price, at $199, is high. But your child can use this for several years and it’s high quality super soft wool. Also, with all the worry about bedbugs, I’d feel better with my child sleeping on something I know is totally clean.

How Much and Where to Buy: $199, and will be on sale in August. Check Woolly Boo’s website for information.

Earnshaw’s: 9Things – Peekaboo!

The New York International Gift Fair: The Eco-Awesome Edition

This is my third, and penultimate, post about the Gift Fair, covering just a few of the many eco-awesome products I saw there.

A few of my eco-awesome favorites:

Modern Twist – I love just about everything from this company that makes“eco-chic products for a sustainable planet.” All their products are 100% recyclable and reusable, and have terrific modern design. They have BPA and chemical free Kidz Placemats ($17) that are made from food-grade silicone so they won’t tear or crease. These placemats are also available as a Kidz Box ($26) which also includes markers kids can use to color (and re-color) their mats. There are also great placemats for us adults ($13-$18).

Photo from Modern Twist

Artterro – These eco-friendly art kits are perfect for crafty kids. Each kit contain the supplies for a project such as collage jewelry or art dolls, and are designed to be open-ended and encourage kids to use their imaginations. When you’re done, the box from the kit becomes the frame to display your creation. Made in the USA of all natural materials.

Woolly Boo – This NJ-based company makes gorgeous bedding and sleep sacks, all from organic wool and cotton and all made in the USA in conjunction with farmers and weavers who are committed to sustainable practices and fair trade. New this year is the All-in-One Nap Mat, perfect for kids to use at preschool, day care or when traveling.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with a final Gift Fair update, which of course will be all things Duck in honor of Big Duckie.

Ten Great Finds from the New York International Gift Fair

The New York International Gift Fair is being held at the Javits Center in New York City through Thursday, February 2. I had a chance to check it out over the weekend and was overwhelmed by all the cool, beautiful, practical and ingenious things I saw there.

Here are ten of the best finds from the show:

1. Woolly Boo – Made in the USA and headquartered in Montclair, Woolly Boo makes gorgeous infant sleep sacks ($149) and other children’s bedding and pillows, including the newly introduced All-In-One Nap Mat, ideal for preschool, daycare, sleepovers and traveling.


My Blue Bumbershoot

2. My Blue Bumbershoot – Ever wondered why your stroller-bound child gets a completely waterproof plastic protection from the rain, but the stroller chauffeur gets literally left out in the rain? Created by two moms who were tired of getting wet, this ingenious umbrella clamps on to just about every make of stroller. Retails for $49.99.

3. evREwares – These fun, reusable fabric adhesives are made from woven material and will stick just about anywhere, without leaving behind any residue. Products include practical drink labels ($9 for 30) and whimsical sticky bowties ($5), Sticky Ties for Kids ($5) and even Big Guy StickyTies for men ($6).

4. MyDrap – One of the hottest booths at the show, these are disposable cotton napkins and place mats – that come on rolls. Just tear off as needed, they can be washed and reused up to six times.  Available in an assortment of fun colors, they’re perfect for adult entertaining, kids parties or just a Tuesday night dinner.

Kidz Placemats

5. Modern Twist – With the tag line “eco-chic products for a sustainable planet,” everything here is 100% recyclable and reusable. I loved the Kidz Placemats ($17) that are made from food-grade silicone so they won’t tear or crease. Also available is the Kidz Box ($26) which is great for travel and includes a place mat and six markers for kids who feel more art-y than eat-y at mealtimes.

6. International Arrivals – This company had a great assortment of scented pencils (smencils), crayons and pens. My kids were big fans of the Happy Birthday pen ($2.50), which smells like (you guessed it!) Birthday cake.


Car case

7. kidSTYLE – This New Jersey-based company has lovely handmade crocheted dolls and rattles, as part of their amikins collection as well as stylish storage containers. I just love their car and rainbow cases.

8. Artterro – These eco-friendly art kits are made in the USA of all natural materials and retail for around $20. Arts and craft kits include materials for open-ended projects, and the box itself becomes a frame to display your finished creation. Best for ages 7+, or younger if creating with adult participation.

Me Two You blankets

9. Me Two You – These incredibly soft baby blankets are beautifully made in the USA, and this is a company that truly has a mission of social responsibility – for every blanket purchased they donate a baby blanket to an orphaned child. Their plush blanket is $72.

10. Snappy Tables – These clever tables can be snapped closed, becoming flat enough to hang on the wall. An ingenious solution both for when you want more table space, and for when you want more play space! Wall fitting included, and table designs ensure it looks just as good on the wall as it does as a table. Retails for $210-240.

New York International Gift Fair: 10 Favorite Baby & Child Products

On Saturday I went to the Javits Center to judge the Baby & Child Division of the New York International Gift Fair, one of the year’s most popular trade shows. This is the 3rd time I’ve been chosen to judge and it is such a fun job. Along with the other judges, I select the best new Baby & Child products from among dozens of nominees. The winners aren’t announced till later this week, but here are 10 finalists that caught my fancy:

“Angry Birds” Marquisette Swaddling Blanket – Multi Bird pattern ($20 by Swaddle Designs). With a nod to a pop culture trend, this blanket is kitschy in a classy way.

Infant/toddler boy Fall 2012 outfit with bowtie by Zutano (available Fall 2012). I love the orange-and-brown color combo and the bowtie makes it perfect.

“Election Edition” Topozoo by Geared for Imagination (not yet available online). Eco-friendly wooden constructible toys for either side of the political debate.

Hands-free stroller umbrella by My Blue Bumbershoot. I saw this product launch at last year’s NYIGF and am happy to see them nominated for Best New Product this year. Created by two NYC moms, natch.

“Curious About Cloth” diaper kit ($59.99, available February 2012) by Gro-Via. My 2003 and 2006 babes wore only disposables, but if a kit like this had been available, I might have reconsidered.

Eco-friendly toddler nap mats (available Fall 2012) by Woolly Boo. These gorgeous all-purpose toddler mats are naturally hypoallergenic, breathable, mold & mildew resistant. Plus they’re surprisingly soft and made from gorgeous fabrics.

Toy Xylophone (not yet available online) by P’kolino. I’m a big fan of P’kolino toys and this is an excellent addition to their infant line.

Mustache Onesie (not yet available online) by Wry Baby. I think that Wry Baby makes some of the funniest onesies ever–this one is perfect for urban hipster parents.

Eco-friendly Stoh lunch totes ($27 each, available in February 2012) designed by Matthew Langille for Milk Dot. A great NY story–designer Matthew Langille (who has designed for Swatch and Marc Jacobs, among other) used to live in my apartment building. I think he is a new dad, too.

Wooden car carrier (not yet available online) by French brand Janod. Discovering this French wooden toy company was one of the highlights of NYIGF for me this year. I’ll be posting more of their products soon–and hopefully they will be distributing to US retailers shortly.

There were lots more fabulous Baby & Child products that I will be sharing with you this week. . . stay tuned.

Sweet Dreams

After carving a niche in the infant and toddler category with a range of organic wool and cotton bedding, Woolly Boo is adding all linen sleep sacks ($40, wholesale) for Spring ’12. “Linen acts essentially like wool, in terms of moisture absorption and distribution into the atmosphere,” explains founder Selma Avdicevic. Each sack is customizable and is lined with colorful cotton. Avdicevic is especially excited about a graphic black and white airplane design. “I’ve found that parents like untraditional colors, so I’m reigning in my knack for pink, ” she laughs.

Habitat Kid: Discover

Woolly Boo was a new find for me, and I was so impressed with their commitment to high quality organic wool and cotton products. Their travel pillows for kids are definitely going on my must-have list for our next trip.


Their organic bedding was so luxurious. The sleep sack is available in several different fabric choices, and I like that you can get one that matches your baby’s bedding.


Our Favorite Things!

Everyone loves to feel cocooned in comfort – especially at bedtime! Infants can feel the love with Woolly Boo’s organic sleep sacks (essentially wearable blankets), created from breathable, hypo-allergenic and natural materials. Get creative by customizing the sleep sack with your choice of inside and outside fabric, made of natural cotton, which layers the wool filler. The protected seams will keep your baby comfortable all night long, even when he wears the sleep sack against his bare skin.

Woolly Boo featured on Chic & Cheap Nursery blog!

DISCLAIMER: The author of this blog post, Nicole Abbott, wrote this while participating in a blog tour conducted by Clever Girls Collective on behalf of Children’s Claritin®. She has been compensated for her time commitment to the program. In addition, Woolly Boo does not in any way endorse or encourage its customers to use any of the products mentioned in this post. Please consult your child’s physician before administering any medication to your child.

Allergies have never been something that concerned me. They have always been something that others suffer from… until this Spring! With the pollen index being so incredibly high this season, our pediatrician told us that even people that have NEVER been affected by allergies are feeling symptoms.

And that’s exactly what happened in our house!

But the one who has been suffering the most has been my lovely two year old Sophia. Runny nose, itchy eyes, watery eyes, sneezing, you name it! That poor little girl has had it rough the past couple of months. Her pediatrician recommended an allergy medication but there are also things you can do in your home to keep it as pollen-free as possible.

5 Tips to Keep the Pollen Out of Your Home {and Nursery}

1. Limit the number of stuffed animals. Evey kid has them. And sometimes they seem to multiple over night. But these little plush friends can collect A LOT of dust.

2. Remove carpets. Just like stuffed animals, carpets and rugs can trap allergens.

3. Keep clothing stored. Sometimes, my toddler’s room looks like a hurricane just passed by. Clothes are everywhere. But clothing can also trap allergens. Keep your kiddo’s clothing stored to minimize the allergens that can get on them. And make sure to bathe and change them after they finish playing outside.

4. Keep windows closed. And crank up the AC. AC filters can help filter the pollen trying to get into your home. Make sure to clean your filters often.

5. Encase bedding. Use allergen-proof zippered encasings for pillows, mattresses and box springs to protect your bedding from dust mites. Or opt for hypoallergenic bedding. {P.S. We love Woolly Boo!}







Abe’s Market LIVE!

Watch founder Selma Avdicevic giving a live interview to co-founder of Abe’s Market, Richard Demb.  Abe’s Market is the online marketplace for great natural products. They connect buyers seeking amazing natural products with the people who make them. There’s no need to prowl the Internet for a broader natural product selection than can be found at your local natural market. At Abe’s Market, you can get all your natural product buying done in one place.

My Daughter Loves her Woolly Boo

Woolly Boo is a family owned business lead by a mother-daughter team that began in 2009. This company was born through the idea of offering natural, chic and chemical-free bedding products for children. Before launching the business, Vahida and Selma (the mother-daughter team) ventured out to find these specific products and quickly realized there was a strong need in the marketplace for them and set out to do it all on their own. Together, they created this business including a distinct line of children’s bedding that contains 100% organic wool and 100% natural cotton.

I reviewed the Toddler Pillow in Pretty in Pink Twill. These pillows are made from nearly two pounds of the cleanest wool available and come in two different sizes. You also have the option to choose a sham for the pillow in seven beautiful choices and if you have your own fabric, they will even custom design the sham to match your décor! The sham is also completely removable and washable, making it easy to maintain. This toddler pillows retails for $55.

I was so thankful to be introduced to Woolly Boo at an event in NYC earlier this year because my daughter has had a difficult time sleeping some nights due in part to the fact that she sweats. I never knew that this product containing wool would actually keep her from sweating. As soon as the pillow arrived, I was so excited to “test it out” with my little girl. And now? She’s sleeping like a champ! She no longer wakes up with her hair and face all sweaty and she is certainly much more rested. She loves her Woolly Boo. Just as the company’s tagline states, “For a healthy and restful sleep…” that seriously couldn’t be more true! If you are in search of durable, organic and well designed children’s bedding, look no further than Woolly Boo.

When visiting the site, you will find the complete line of Products including Toddler Travel Pillows, Crib Bumper Pads, Crib Mattress Pads and even Toddler Bedding. The infant sleep sacks are also a Woolly Boo favorite! Be sure to follow Woolly Boo on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates and product information from this company.

Theta Mom® abides by word of mouth marketing standards and believes in honesty of relationship, opinion and identity. Wooly Boo is a proud sponsor of Theta Mom and I was provided a toddler pillow to facilitate this review. However, all opinions expressed are purely my own and the content of this post was not influenced in any way.

Fire Resistant Pajamas and Sleepwear: are they safe?

I have always wondered if fire resistant pajamas were toxic. Both Birch and Willow have a lot of hand-me-down pajamas that are all fire resistant. To be honest, I have been slow in researching this because it is so convenient to have all these second-hand pjs. But, I bit the bullet. After all, free pjs aren’t free if they are toxic.

First, a quick history:
In 1971, the Consumers Safety Product Commission adopted a rule that children’s pajamas that were submitted to an open flame must self-extinguish in 3 seconds. A lot of manufacturers then wove flame retardant materials into the pajamas. In 1997, the CPSC changed the ruling slightly by allowing for “snug fitting” pajamas that weren’t flame resistant and permitting untreated sleepwear for infants  (0-9 months).

The lowdown:
The following from The Daily Green was widely restated all over the internet.

The Daily Green :
“Some clothing companies produce cotton flame retardant pajamas by adding something called PROBAN (from the chemical tetrakis hydromethyl phosphonium chlorida, or THPC) to the fabric or garment in the finishing stages. The flame retardant is trapped in the fiber, but the cotton still feels soft. If flame touches PROBAN treated cotton it extinguishes quickly, but there’s plenty to worry about. The THPC has been linked to genetic abnormalities and damage to the liver, skin and nervous system. It also promotes the growth of cancerous tumors.” YIKES! The Green Guide does say this though:”Is fire-retardant sleepwear toxic? Most likely not, but it might be uncomfortable because synthetic. ” That seems like strange advice considering their research.

Result for me:
Okay, I am going to switch to all organic cotton then.

Where to find organic pjs?
I did buy 2 pairs of “snug fitting” organic pajamas for Birch a few months ago. My favorite is New Jammies. They are 100% organic cotton, designed by a mom and are available in long johns or shorties.  Her fun collection includes nature’s critters (we have the owls and stars) and fruits and veggies to promote a LOVE for carrots, peas and more. Great idea. What I like best about these is that they do stay “snug fitting” through repeated washes.  The arm cuffs are a little tight for Birch when they first go on, but otherwise the fit is perfect. Prices for New Jammies run from $28 to $35.

New Jammies Owls pattern

The other option I chose were Hannah Anderson’s organic cotton long johns. These are more expensive at $39.50, but I got a prison stripe black pair on sale for $20. Hannah Anderson has sales all the time- so do try and buy on sale times. The fabric is lovely: super soft and thick but gets floppy after a couple of nights wear.  The cuffs are made of great stretchy fabric that fits snugly. Hannah Anderson’s pjs are warmer than New Jammies- so I use these for colder nights.

Hannah Anderson’s stripes

How about sleep sacs?
My last nod to sleepwear is for Willow. It is the most fabulous sleep sac from PurFlo (a British company).  It is 100% cotton outside, and super silky Bamboo inside!   The filling is a fiber that supposedly reduces the amount of dust mites that take up residence.  The best part to me is that they have zip-off arms and anti-scratch mitts that keep her hands warm.  The different sizes can fit a child up to 3 years.  (By the way, you have to check out PurFlos organic mattresses– they are unlike any you have ever seen- they are completely washable mesh!)  You do have to order it from Britain though- and, yes, the price is steep. The price is 34.96 pounds. But sooo worth it.

PurFlo Sleep Sac

The other sleep sac that I covet, but never tried was Woolly Boo’s wool sleep sacs.  Wool is naturally flame retardant and is also anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic (since wool resists mold and mildew). The ticking is 100% cotton, so you know the whole thing is safe for your baby. These are much more expensive than the PurFlos at $150- but they sure are luxurious. You have to touch one to believe me! I am eyeing one of their Toddler Pillows for $50.

Woolly Boo’s sleep sacs

Babble’s 50 Best

The Shop: Woolly Boo is on a mission to provide the healthiest sleep environment for little ones through all-natural wool bedding. The delicate colors and understated design are just icing on the cozy cake. We’ll take the mattress pad, please.

The Sellers: Founders Selma Avdicevic and her mother Vahida Subasic work out of their homes in Montclair, NJ. They started their shop when Selma noticed how hard it was to find affordable organic crib bedding, and we’re so grateful they did!

Signature Item: Just Peachy organic wool crib mattress pad, $225

Splurge Worthy

One of the best things about living in NYC is that there are so many wonderful events hosted in this city. Last week, I had the opportunity to attend Playtime New York, an international trade show dedicated to children, junior and maternity.

While most of the exhibitors were children’s fashions, I did come across several splurge-worthy shops for the nursery!

Here are some of my favorites…

1. h-luv fabrications | 2. mae | 3. woolly boo | 4. seven smootches | 5. mirasa

Babyology goes to Playtime New York

playtime ny popup shop Babyology goes to Playtime New York!

Our New York correspondent Jacqui Weidman had a ball going to Playtime New York this week and has regaled us with tales of what she saw! Babyology was very proud to sponsor this exciting trade event and give you a peek into the latest gear for babies and kids in the US. Over to you Jacqui!

Playtime ny halls3 Babyology goes to Playtime New York!

playtime ny halls1 Babyology goes to Playtime New York!

I had a very interesting visit to the second Playtime New York. It is still an expanding show in a very cool warehouse loft in the heart of New York’s Soho. This weekend, New York is abuzz with many different international art shows going on simultaneously and two were just down the street from Playtime. Soho’s streets were filled with designers, buyers, and artists as well as hip parents and kids – such a fun scene!

playtime ny litlte lark tees Babyology goes to Playtime New York!

There’s always a good deal of agony and ecstasy attending tradeshows because you can’t take home any of the amazing clothing or products. As a mum, the coolest thing about this show was the Playtime-sponsored Pop Up shop with a wide range of products from vendors.

I bought my two year-old son an amazingly soft, printed tee shirt from A Little Lark and my five-year-old daughter a beautiful set of colored pencils from Eeboo. I could have picked from any of the shirts by A Little Lark – a graphic design company that creates images for letterpress cards and gorgeous t-shirts.

playtime ny little lark cards Babyology goes to Playtime New York!

There was also an expansive selection of maternity clothes with dresses from Sono Vaso, and The Versatile Dress by Pouch. And any new parent would be thrilled with the Woolly Boo plush and vibrant sleep sacks and blankets (below).

playtime ny woolly boo 1 Babyology goes to Playtime New York!

At the show itself, there were inspired collections of autumn clothing with precious details to make a fashionista out of any child. Bakker Made With Love showcased two furry, fuzzy vests (below) to throw over any stylish outfit. One was an angora hand knit in a range of colors and the other was a fuzzy synthetic fur lined with bright satin. Wow! My daughter would love both!

playtime ny bakker Babyology goes to Playtime New York!

 Babyology goes to Playtime New York!

One of the most unique booths at the show was a new line called Namhee NYC, handmade just over the bridge in Brooklyn, New York. Namhee Lee covers exquisite children’s chairs and stools herself in printed fabrics which would brighten any playroom (above and below). She also makes, bracelets, hair clips and headbands.

playtime ny namhee nyc2 Babyology goes to Playtime New York!

My kids live in classic Adidas tennis shoes and sweatpants so I was thrilled to see the Y-3 Yohji Yamamoto/Adidas collection for children (below). My boys can get the comfort they crave while looking stylish to boot! (Note from Suzi – oh boy just checked out Y-3 for myself and am in love! The new webstore for this collaboration between Japanese cult designer Yamamoto and Adidas will go live soon.)

 Babyology goes to Playtime New York!

 Babyology goes to Playtime New York!

I was intrigued by an interesting new collection; Agua Cashmere for babies – re-made in Brooklyn by trash-a-porter. Upcycled (repurposed for a second life) 100 per cent cashmere restored and reassembled into darling sweaters, dresses, plush toys and baby blankets (above and below). They were beautiful and environmentally friendly!

 Babyology goes to Playtime New York!

playtime lale 1 Babyology goes to Playtime New York!

I could not stop oohing and ahhing over Lale. Great one-of-a-kind prints from Paris crafted into unique carry bags and backpacks, hair accessories and small purses, pillows and blankets. The prints were mature yet playful and each was better than the next.

playtime ny lale2 Babyology goes to Playtime New York!

playtime ny pale cloud1 Babyology goes to Playtime New York!

As the mum of a five-year-old daughter, I was in awe of Pale Cloud. I would have bought anything and everything in the collection if I could. Each dress and sweater was handmade in the finest fabrics with a sophisticated, simple styling while preserving child-like charm. The colors were dusty pinks and warm creams and every item had thoughtful, tailored details.

playtime ny pale cloud2 Babyology goes to Playtime New York!

Like Pale Cloud, Caramel Baby and Child again makes any young girl look sophisticated yet playful with its fine European looks, which are luxurious but comfortable.

playtime ny caramel Babyology goes to Playtime New York!

Many thanks to Jacqui for sharing her finds with us from Playtime New York!

playtime ny halls Babyology goes to Playtime New York!

*hoolaboola’s Pick

One of the highlights of the weekend was attending the Playtime New York trade show! Definitely a delight! The most unique, most stylish, up-and-coming designers all showcase their new collections here….aaahhhhhh…

One of Hoolaboola’s favorites that we have been watching closely was also there. Woolly Boo is one of the few – if not only – sophisticated crib-size basic bedding brands that is  made of natural materials.

They offer crib mattress pads, crib bumper pads, toddler pillows, toddler comforters, and infant sleep sacks from 100% organic wool filler and 100% natural cotton ticking.

Wool is important, as I too have learned, because it helps regulate your child’s temperature, resulting in a comfortable nights’ sleep. It also whisks away moisture, keeping allergens and bacteria away. All good things right!?

Selma and her mother, Vahida, created the line when Selma was pregnant with her first child and couldn’t find basic, natural bedding for her baby’s crib. She (luckily for us) decided to take things into her own hands and viola!

We love it that she has created something so precious, so basic yet so needed!

It’s Playtime!

Woolly Boo® has been invited to showcase their latest creations at Playtime New York, the International Trade Show dedicated to the children, junior and maternity universes.

When: March 5 – 7, 2011
Saturday and Sunday: 9 AM to 6 PM
Monday: 9 AM to 5 PM

Where: 82 Mercer Street, NY, NY 10012

About Playtime New York:
The world’s largest trade show network for children and maternity collections. Playtime New York offers a comprehensive international selection of today’s best collections in the children and maternity marketplace. The show encompasses infant and children clothing, shoes and accessories, baby gear, toys, deco/design products, childcare, and maternity.

The stunning venue, 82 Mercer, is a space that reflects both a creative and commercial style, in one of New York’s trendiest neighborhoods, Soho. The 25,000 square foot space features a loft design, brick walls, hardwood flooring, cast iron columns and arched passageways. The show provides an easy-to-navigate layout and an open booth design.

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In addition, Woolly Boo will participate in The Playtime Pop Up Shop for the duration of the show, where the general public will be able to purchase our products at a trunk show discount, and the retailers will be able to visualize our products in the retail setting.

Woolly Boo featured in Earnshaw’s

Earnshaw’s New York International Gift Fair (NYIGF)

Baby & Child Gift Guide

Woolly Boo

Woolly Boo introduces the Woolly Boo Toddler Travel Pillow, designed to provide head and neck support to children while traveling or during naptime. The pillow will be available in limited quantities immediately following its debut at the New York International Gift Fair. Wide retail distribution will be scheduled for April 2011. Woolly Boo is a family-owned and operated business that manufactures heirloom basic bedding for infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers. Their mission is to provide the healthiest crib bedding and best sleep environment for every child.

Woolly Boo Crib Set Featured in LDB!

Woolly Boo crib basic bedding set in fresh Sunshine Yellow was featured in the January issue of LDB Interior Textiles Gift Guide, a premier trade magazine.

For an electronic version of the issue, please click here.

Woolly Boo Founder honored by Martha Stewart

What were you doing (careerwise) when you decided to create your own business?

I was working as a real estate investment banker and was pregnant with my second child.

When did you start your business?

Woolly Boo was officially registered in the summer of 2008, but the product development started a year prior to that. We couldn’t find healthy and beautiful basic children’s bedding like we had in mind. There are mattress pads, pillows, comforters, and sleep sacks, but the quality of fabrics and fillers leave a lot to be desired. There seemed to be this great obsession with waterproofing everything that the infant touches, and washing everything all the time, surrounding babies in plastic and chemicals. I just couldn’t let my children sleep in those conditions.

When did you know that you could really make a go of this?

When my friends and neighbors started asking me to make mattress pads and pillows for their children, and even more so when, after using the products for some time, they started coming to me with new ideas such as “Can you make this kind of comforter?” and other different versions of the product.

How did you turn your idea into a business plan?
Well, there really wasn’t much of a business plan. We had these great products and we knew our target market. Our focus was on effective communication, maintaining a high quality product, and exceptional customer service.

What inspired you to do this?

My children — I’m a mother of two. Every product in our line is inspired by their needs.

Did your friends and family support your dream?

There are some really tough moments on this road of entrepreneurship. I was blessed with an amazingly supportive family. They are behind me and behind the company 100 percent — when that’s the case, you don’t need much else.

What was the biggest obstacle?

Brand identity is always the biggest issue, especially in children’s industry. Parents want to be able to trust you with their most precious possessions — their children. Since we are also parents, we understand that protective instinct, and going in we knew we needed patience and staying power.

How did you maintain your confidence when doors were closed in your face, when people didn’t get it or said “no”?

That’s very simple — if you love your product, and I mean LOVE your product, nothing can shake your confidence.

How long did it take for your business to become profitable?

We are doing OK, and that’s all I am allowed to say. [Laughs]

What’s the hardest part of what you do?
Figuring out the next step — I lie awake at night wondering what the next move is going to be, and if we have enough resources. Not having a prior entrepreneurial experience is a blessing as much as a curse — sometimes you really don’t want to know what’s around the corner.

What’s the most fun part of what you do?

Communicating with our customers. It’s never tiring to talk about Woolly Boo, because each of our products is so wonderful. And we certainly never get tired of listening to our customers and their praises.

Where do you work from?
Originally, I used our butler’s pantry. It is in a really great spot, between the kitchen and the rest of the house. I could spend time with the kids, cook, and in between do some work. Sewing was done on the kitchen table. Eventually, I realized that the only quality time I could spend on Woolly Boo would be after everyone’s gone to bed, but then I never got any sleep. So, we converted a storage space above the garage into an office and a studio.

Do you have employees?

The majority of our “employees” are actually consultants and contractors. I find that to be a great option for a small business, because you can avoid the high costs of payroll.

How have you been using social media to grow your business?

It’s a pleasure reading comments and messages from the community. It’s almost like market research – I can post product photos on Facebook or Dreamers, and get instant feedback.

How did you learn and acquire the skills you use to make your business successful? How do you continue to grow and learn?

I firmly believe that any education or experience you have will contribute to future success. For example, I took some acting and public speaking classes in college, and what I learned there is very useful in communicating with large audiences, even if it is simply to propose a toast at a launch party. The important thing is also to continue learning. I subscribe to several blogs that offer advice to small-business owners, I attend conferences, and I try to find time to read industry-related news.

If you had it to do over again, what, if anything, would you do differently?

I would listen to well-meaning advice-givers, but act according to my instincts. I spent a lot of time correcting things I did based on the advice of others, because I thought they knew better than me. While all this advice was given with love and care, most of it simply wasn’t right for Woolly Boo. I know that now.

What is your favorite product that you offer?

My favorite is the Toddler Comforter. There is really nothing like a cocoon of warmth and luxury that our comforter provides. In fact, it is really, really hard to wake the kids up in the morning. Most of the time, I just want to snuggle next to them.

What is your best-selling item?

We actually have two best sellers: Toddler Pillows and Crib Mattress Pads. Sleep Sacks are a close third.

What advice would you give to Dreamers who haven’t become Doers yet?
Have your priorities straight and act on them.

Woolly Boo announces Children’s Seat Belt Pillow

Woolly Boo® announces the newest addition to their line of organic wool sleep products for children – Woolly Boo® Children’s Seat Belt Pillow. The Children’s Seat Belt Pillow is designed to provide head and neck support to children while traveling or during nap time.

The Woolly Boo® Children’s Seat Belt Pillow insert is made of 100% cotton shell and 100% organic wool batting. The cover is made of 100% cotton that is removable and washable. The cover fabrics used are for the following lines: Old World Damask, Natural Twill, Sateen Squares, and Sateen Stripes. The product measures 11” x 4” x 2.5”, and it has a total of 150 grams or 5 ounces of wool batting. Customers can choose between twenty five (25) different colors and patterns of cotton drill, damask, and flannel that are currently part of Woolly Boo® line. As all Woolly Boo® products, Children’s Seat Belt Pillow is hypo-allergenic, breathable, flame retardant, and luxurious.

Woolly Boo® Children’s Seat Belt Pillow will be available in extremely limited quantities immediately following its debut at the New York International Gift Fair on January 29 – February 3, 2010 in New York City. Wide retail distribution is scheduled for April 2011. The Children’s Seat Belt Pillow MSRP is $32.

Woolly Boo® is a family-owned and operated business located in Montclair, NJ, that manufactures heirloom basic bedding for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Their mission is to provide the healthiest crib bedding and the best sleep environment for every child. For more information, contact Selma Avdicevic at 917.975.9034 or

Woolly Boo announces Toddler Travel Pillow

Woolly Boo® announces the newest addition to their line of organic wool sleep products for children – Woolly Boo® Toddler Travel Pillow. The Toddler Travel Pillow is designed to provide head and neck support to children while traveling or during nap time.

The Woolly Boo® Toddler Travel Pillow insert is made of 100% cotton shell and 100% organic wool batting. The cover is made of 100% cotton that is removable and washable. The cover fabrics used are for the following lines: Old World Damask, Natural Twill, Sateen Squares, and Sateen Stripes. The product measures 9” x 7.5” x 2.25”, and it has a total of 150 grams or 5 ounces of wool batting. Toddler Travel Pillow can be used with car seats, booster seats, and strollers. It will keep the children comfortable while they are on the go.

Woolly Boo® Toddler Travel Pillow will be available in extremely limited quantities immediately following its debut at the New York International Gift Fair on January 29 – February 3, 2010 in New York City. Wide retail distribution will be scheduled for April 2011. The Toddler Travel Pillow MSRP is $32.

Woolly Boo® is a family-owned and operated business located in Montclair, NJ, that manufactures heirloom basic bedding for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Their mission is to provide the healthiest crib bedding and the best sleep environment for every child. For more information, contact Selma Avdicevic at 917.975.9034 or

Woolly Boo Founder featured in The Montclair Times

Woolly Boo: Selma Avdicevic, above, and Vahida Subasic – Montclair fiber artists, with the business name of Woolly Boo – will be exhibiting their handcrafted pillows, comforters, throw pillows, infant and toddler bedding, and blankets made from organic wool and cotton, at the “21st Annual Fine Art and Crafts Show in Anderson Park.” The juried show is scheduled on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 11 and 12, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., on both days, in Anderson Park, bordering North Mountain and Bellevue avenues. More than 140 artists, photographers and artisans will be featured. For more information, visit online at

Woolly Boo finalist for the Eco Choice Award

It is with great honor and a sense of pride that we announce that Woolly Boo® Just Peachy Sleep Sack was selected as a finalist for the Eco Choice Awards, category Most Sensitive Use of Materials at the Summer ’10 New York International Gift Fair (“NYIGF”). Retailers voted for our product after evaluating dozens of companies participating in the show’s SustainAbility display.

Sponsored by GREENRetailer and the NYIGF, the Eco Choice Awards recognize the most innovative and environmentally responsible products within NYIGF’s “SustainAbility: design for a better world” exhibit. This was the third edition of the Eco Choice awards, which premiered at the Summer ’09 NYIGF.

Award categories include: Most Innovative, Most Sensitive Use of Materials, and Most Sellable. Retailers will consider more than 200 green products before making their final decisions. Winners will be selected for inventiveness, newness, aesthetics and functionality.

Participating vendors in the SustainAbility display must meet a fixed set of green criteria including ones that address the nature of the product, production processes and business practices. A three-tiered ranking system assigns ranks to participating products and companies depending on their level of commitment to outlined green standards.

Woolly Boo® is a family-owned and operated business located in Montclair, NJ, that manufactures heirloom basic bedding for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Their mission is to provide the healthiest crib bedding and the best sleep environment for every child. For more information, contact Selma Avdicevic at 917.975.9034 or

Woolly Boo launches Crib Bumper Pad

Woolly Boo® is very proud to announce to the public its new product: Crib Bumper Pad.

The Crib Bumper Pad is a welcome addition to Woolly Boo®’s line of organic wool and cotton crib bedding. As with all our products, the Crib Bumper Pad is made of highest quality cotton and organic wool filler. The use of organic and natural materials ensures a safe night’s sleep for baby.

Woolly Boo® Crib Bumper Pad protects the baby against hard crib edges, bumps, bruises, and keeps little arms and legs within the crib, so there is no sleep interruption. Because we only use natural and organic materials, there is always a healthy airflow within the crib, and the Crib Bumper Pad is completely breathable. The Crib Bumper Pad features organic wool as a filler, a natural material that is also hypoallergenic. Our cotton cover is very soothing and gentle against the soft baby skin – a definition of luxury.

The Crib bumper Pad is 162 inches long and 8 inches high, and it weighs 2 pounds 11 ounces. The MSRP is $95.

Woolly Boo® is a family-owned and operated business located in Montclair, NJ, that manufactures heirloom basic bedding for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Their mission is to provide the healthiest crib bedding and the best sleep environment for every child. For more information, contact Selma Avdicevic at 917.975.9034 or

Woolly Boo is Kidding Around at Brooklyn Indie Market

Brooklyn Indie Market and the {NewNew} Etsy Street Team continue their series of sustainable living collaborations with Kidding Around, a shop-and-swap event focused on tots through tweens. Kids are encouraged to bring a used book to swap, while their families can peruse the handmade offerings of local indie designers who specialize in children’s goods.

“Kids can learn the value of thrift and community by participating in the kids’ book swap,” said Kathy Malone, owner of Brooklyn Indie Market.  “They can bring a book to trade, and go home with something cool and handmade too!”

Participating designers include Woolly Boo, JiJi’s Creative Designs, Felt It, Hanky Blanky, and many more.

Brooklyn Indie Market is a collective of fashion and product designers. It provides a connection between emerging designers and consumers, retail buyers, stylists, personal shoppers, and the press. Brooklyn Indie Market is conveniently located steps from the Carroll Street Station on Smith Street in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

Woolly Boo featured in the SustainAbility Exhibit

In its inaugural year at the New York International Gift Fair®, Woolly Boo® products have been chosen to be featured in the SustainAbility: Design for a Better World® project.

The SustainAbility: Design for a Better World® project is a curated exhibit showcasing home and lifestyle products that are environmentally-conscious and socially-responsible. Companies from 39 countries and five continents will participate at this year’s event held in New York City, August 14 through 20 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, in conjunction with the New York International Gift Fair®.

The exhibit spotlights producers whose products or production processes are eco-friendly, as well as companies whose business practices are socially responsible or fair-trade oriented. These are, in fact, Woolly Boo® core values.

“Green” Products:

• products that are manufactured or constructed with only recycled, recyclable and/or sustainable materials.

Environmentally-Friendly Production Processes:

• manufacturers using alternative sources of energy in production, including wind, sun, and alternative fuels.

Socially-Responsible Business Practices:

• products produced by indigenous peoples, creating viable, sustainable trades and markets in poverty-stricken and needy communities worldwide

• manufacturers who donate percentages of their sales to not-for-profit organizations.

Beginning in 2010, NYIGF introduced a “Zero Tolerance” for products with: VOC; Lead (for baby, children and food-related products); PVC, without recommendation for use and disposal, and unless repurposed; and Aniline dyes, formaldehyde, chlorine (for textiles).

This year, in its inaugural year at the NYIGF®, Woolly Boo® will be showcasing their line of children’s basic bedding: crib mattress pads, crib bumper pads, sleep sacks or wearable blankets, toddler pillows, and toddler comforters.

These wonderful organic wool products are pure, safe, durable, and comfortable. They are truly unique, and are currently not available from any other manufacturer in the market.

If you are interested in learning more about Woolly Boo® products, please contact us at or visit

Woolly Boo® is a family-owned and operated business located in Montclair, NJ, that manufactures heirloom basic bedding for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Their mission is to provide the healthiest crib bedding and the best sleep environment for every child. For more information, contact Selma Avdicevic at 917.975.9034 or