Coming soon: a nap mat you’ll wish was adult sized

Wouldn’t you want to take a nap in Woolly Boo’s new Nap Mat? Made of soft organic wool and cotton, it’s hypo-allergenic, flame retardant, moisture wicking and chemical-free. You’ll wish it came in your size! The Nap Mat debuts in August, just in time for the next school year.

napmat2 Coming soon: a nap mat youll wish was adult sized

What we liked:

In my daughter’s classroom, we have to provide a sheet and blankets and they sleep on a mat that’s been used by many different kids (um… yuck!). This Nap Mat is such a better idea — all parts of the Nap Mat (the pillow, mat, and comforter) are made as removable inserts, which contain 100 percent organic wool.  Bundle it back into the bag and you can take it home on the weekends to wash. It will work for daycare, pre-school, daycare, sleepover, or travel.  The Nap Mat is 21” wide and 45” long, with the cover extending 34”. When rolled up and packed into its bag, the Nap Mat is 21” wide and 8” tall, and it weighs 3 pounds.

What to Watch For: The price, at $199, is high. But your child can use this for several years and it’s high quality super soft wool. Also, with all the worry about bedbugs, I’d feel better with my child sleeping on something I know is totally clean.

How Much and Where to Buy: $199, and will be on sale in August. Check Woolly Boo’s website for information.